How Tinole Works

Tinole was started to help conference attendees with those frustrating, time-consuming, and often manual tasks associated with going to a professional conference. If you've ever been to a conference and said "there's got to be a better way", we have good news for you - with Tinole there is!

What are the two most asked questions at a professional conference?   If you're anything like us, they're "Where am I supposed to be next?" and "How can I get the slides?"

Tinole takes care of both - making your conference preparation, attendance, and follow-up smoother than it has ever been before.

Our intuitive user interface takes you through the conference agenda, identifying the talks and events you want to attend and letting you easily incorporate your own personal appointments. Along the way, you tell us what talks you want to get the slides from.

We generate a fully personalized conference schedule for everything you have to do, and then afterwards we email you the slides you requested. If you want, we'll also email you informational materials that you request from conference exhibitors. It's that simple.

After the conference, everything is stored online for you in your own personal Content Library, with materials from every Tinole-supported conference available to you in one convenient location.

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